Project Duplication Now Available

If you're trying to write a series, you've probably got a jam-packed Story Bible. Until now, replicating that Story Bible in another project was a little tedious; it required a lot of copy/pasting. Well, good news! **We just launched Project Duplication**. This frequently-requested feature unlocks the ability to quickly duplicate an existing Sudowrite project in its entirety. ![duplicate.gif-9652](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/31729/inline-bc45e9ba82c453e8157792fe83b45b49.gif) To use it, just find the **Duplicate** option inside the three dots on a Project card—sandwiched between Export and Delete. Duplicating a project will create a brand new project that includes the same Documents, Folders, Canvas, Story Bible, and Beats (—as stored within each document's Chapter Generator). That said, the duplicated project is still a *new* project, which means it will *not* include previously generated cards, document histories, or deleted documents. Those remain exclusively associated with the source project. Questions or feedback on the feature? Hop into [our community Discord server]( and let us know what you think!