Column Resize Fix

If you've ever collapsed your left column to make a bit more space for the editor, you may have noticed that it would *not* return to the size it was upon expansion. It worked like this: ![ezgif-2-1c40df2dec.gif-6299](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/31556/inline-fe57b8eb83b567c51119b28b7bcd8bfc.gif) Not great—and a frequent Fix-it-Friday runner up. Well, we've now **resolved the issue**, and that column will return to the previously set size when you re-open it. ![ezgif-2-ba39ddbc1c.gif-830](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/31556/inline-2dc1d218f718341c9571fa706662be0c.gif) Much better.