✨ New Models: Claude 3

This week Anthropic announced the Claude 3 model family, their fastest and most powerful AI models to date. **We've just updated Sudowrite with all three of their new models—Sonnet, Opus, and Haiku.** You can now choose to have these models power different features on Sudowrite, including the Write button, Chapter Generator, and Plugins. ![claude.gif-1989](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/31086/inline-c09cfcc45e92187646b8ea19c36102cf.gif) Find these models in the *Experimental* section of either your Write Settings' Prose Mode dropdown, or the Chapter Generator dropdown. They are also available in the Engine dropdown under AI Options when building an Advanced Plugin. Once you've had a chance to give them a whirl, drop into [our community Discord server](https://discord.gg/z9b3N4gyUM) and let us know what you think!