🆕 Introducing Quick Edit & Quick Chat

We just launched *two* brand new features: 1️⃣ **Quick Chat**: Fast and unfiltered story-aware chat. 2️⃣ **Quick Edit**: Easy and intelligent inline editing. Both features are **free** with your Sudowrite plan—by default they won't use credits. Watch this for more, or read on! [embed: https://youtu.be/b2kcSOOezeM] 1️⃣ **Quick Chat** Quick Chat is a chat built just for authors. It's the only chat with full access to your project’s documents and Story Bible! That means you never have to brief it or bring it up to speed, and you can ask it specific questions about your characters and story. Quick Chat will focus on whatever you've highlighted, but will also let you know what it's looking at to formulate its response. Since it's also still a *chat*, you can also use it for feedback on your work, brainstorming, and... even lunch ideas. It's sort of like ChatGPT, only better because it’s story-aware, unfiltered, and included with your Sudowrite subscription. 2️⃣ **Quick Edit** When you already know what needs to change and you just need help *executing*, Quick Edit takes your instructions and makes those changes for you. Just highlight a sentence, paragraph, or entire scene, and tell Quick Edit what you want changed. For example, you could say "make this longer," "add tension here," or "switch this to a first person perspective." Both Quick Edit and Quick Chat are now available. (They're **free** by default—only the optional High Quality mode will use credits.) Find them in the hover menu that opens when you highlight something in your document, or use the keyboard shortcut: 'Ctrl + K' (PC) or 'Command + K' (Mac).