🆕 Smarter, Story Bible-aware Write Button

The Write button is a great alternative to the Chapter Generator, allowing you to both get unstuck and expand sections of your story in a more precise way. But folks with completed Story Bibles have likely noticed that the Write button was previously unaware of that story context. Based on your feedback, we just shipped **an update that makes the Write button aware of details in your Story Bible**. From now on, whenever your Story Bible is toggled on, the Write button's Auto and Guided modes will consider: 🖋️ Your story's **Genre**. 🖋️ Your story's **Style**. 🖋️ The **Outline** section linked to the current doc, if any. 🖋️ Descriptions from **Characters**—but only for characters mentioned in the current document. The smarter, **Story Bible-aware Write button is available now**. Give it a spin, and don't forget to let us know what you think!