Introducing 🔍 Find & Replace

**Find and Replace is now live in the Sudowrite editor!** ![find.png-6581](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/29908/inline-e21307645cad8fcdc33da3779ed43e8b.jpg) You can activate Find and Replace by clicking the new magnifying glass icon in your editor toolbar. Alternatively, you can activate it while editing by using a shortcut—just press CMD/CTRL + F. (*If that keyboard shortcut is the same one your browser users, just press it a second time to access the browser functionality.*) For this initial release, Find and Replace only works on your open document. That means it's not looking inside of your Story Bible or at other document files within the Project yet. P.S. Did you know this week is Fix-it-Week at Sudowrite? And you can tell us what fixes, features, and improvements you'd like to see prioritized—just vote in our community Discord server: