Bug Fix Roundup

✅ We identified and resolved an issue that would intermittently cause the editor toolbar to disappear entirely after using First Draft. Thanks to our teachers for identifying this one. ✅ We fixed some legibility issues with dark themes, including one issue that made the credits pop-up super difficult to read. It should be much more legible now—assuming you have the feature toggled on in your settings, given that it's off by default. ✅ We fixed document titles so that they now have a max length, after which they will elegantly overflow into the document's body. This means that no one can accidentally paste their entire novel into a Sudowrite document's title field anymore. 🎉 These changes were a part of 🛠️ **Fix-It-Friday**. We've got another Fix-It-Friday coming up on **Friday, January 19th**. If you'd like to weigh in on your desired features, fixes, and improvements, you can do so in the Sudowrite community Discord server. **Join here: https://discord.gg/sudowrite**