Improved Write Button Performance

We recently improved the way that the **Write** button works, so you should be seeing far fewer AI refusals—for spicy, violent, and even innocuous prose—when using Most Accurate and Fastest. We also changed it so that you can optionally generate **up to 500 words**, *and* access your Write settings even *before* writing. No more 20-word minimum in a document in order to access that drop-down. (As a fun bonus, this means you can also now use the Write button in a totally blank document—consider it the "I'm Feeling Lucky" of prose.) These changes were a part of our recent **🛠️ Fix-It-Friday**. We've got another one coming up *this* Friday, and if you'd like to weigh in on your desired features, fixes, and improvements, you can do so in the Sudowrite community Discord server. **Join here:**