Introducing Credits ⚡️

Sudowrite is switching our plans from AI words to a credits-based system, and we've officially begun the transition. You should really **[read all the details in our announcement](**, but here's the TL;DR: We're moving all current plan holders over to legacy versions of their plans. Those plans receive and use credits (instead of AI words) each month—including a nice legacy bonus! Credits are redeemed towards Sudowrite's AI features but work a bit different than AI words, as they're consumed based on words input, output, and which AI is doing the work. Prices will stay the same (or get a bit cheaper) and we expect that most folks will get a bit more mileage out of Sudowrite now for the same money. Annual subscribers have been moved over, and monthly subscribers will be switched this month according to their monthly billing cycle. Either way, you'll receive an email when that happens. That *about* covers it—well, everything except the **super cool stuff** that credits unlock for us. Find details on Sudowrite's new and upcoming features (and a helpful FAQ) [in our blog post here]( You can also always [drop by the Discord]( with questions!