New Prose Generation Option: Unfiltered 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Spicy writers take note: As of today, every Sudowrite user has access to our new **Unfiltered** prose generation option. Like the other modes, Unfiltered will generate a coherent chapter from your beats—except it will NEVER be offended, no matter how extreme the beats are. That makes it the ideal prose generation option for writing sex, violence, or horror. ![cleanshot_2023-10-23_at_08.51.24.png-8058](BASE/products/985904264/changelog/27307/inline-6123721e95aad7ad73a410001371d871.jpg) **Highlights:** - **Fearless Generation:** No matter how dark or daring your beats are, Unfiltered prose mode is up to the task. - **New Model:** Under the hood of this mode you’ll find a new AI model called Weaver, fine-tuned for unfiltered prose generation. - **Just the Beginning:** As new unfiltered AI models are introduced, we’ll continue to experiment and incorporate the very best of them into Story Engine. **Notes:** You’ll find Unfiltered mode as a prose generation option available within your Story Engine’s Prose dropdown. To get started, just fire up any Project with Story Engine content and give it a spin. Looking for tips on how to get the most out of Unfiltered mode? Dive into the *#tips-and-tricks* channel in [our community Discord server]( for a look at some suggested best practices. Thanks to Nicole Broussard and our Sudowrite Ambassadors for their extensive testing and invaluable feedback on this one!