More AI Words + Lower Prices + Annual Plans!

We’re proud to introduce lower prices for Sudowrite as well as our first annual discounts. *(You can stay on the plan you’re already on if you prefer.)* The new plans offer an amazing value, no matter what you’re paying now. ## Here’s what’s changed ### Hobby & Student plan * ~~10,000~~ AI Words → Now **30,000** * ~~$9.99~~ $10/mo on annual plan, $19/mo on monthly ### Pro plan * ~~50,000~~ AI Words → Now **90,000** * ~~$29~~ $20/mo on annual plan, $29/mo on monthly ### MAX plan * ~~200,000~~ AI Words → Now **300,000** - our largest plan ever! * ~~$99~~ $100/mo on annual plan, $129 on monthly We think these new plans will give everyone a bit more breathing room to experiment. As a side note, if you do run out of words, you’ll now be able to buy a few extra without upgrading your plan or waiting for the month to end. * For everyone on the current $29 Pro plan: We’ll automatically move you over to the new $29 Pro plan and you’ll have more words starting at your next billing cycle. You’ll pay the same, but get almost double the words. And if you choose to switch to the annual plan, you’ll get nearly 4 months free! * For everyone on the current $9.99 hobby and student plan: Switching to the annual version of the new hobby and student plan will mean you spend only $0.01 more per month and get three times the AI words. * Finally, the new MAX plan offers a much better deal for those who write a lot using Sudowrite. On the annual plan, you’ll pay just $1/mo more than before and get 100,000 more AI Words. ### 👉 Head to []( to see the new plans and switch!