Write (a.k.a. Wormhole 2.0)

We took everything you told us you loved about Wormhole and polished and polished and polished it until it became like those smooth, shiny rocks in a museum gift shop. We call it "Write". Write has three modes to give you more control: * **Auto** This is the default and works like o.g. Wormhole. It analyzes your style, plot, and arc and writes what comes next. * **Guided** Want more control over what comes next? With Guided mode, you tell Sudowrite what to write next or choose from one of three options. * **Tones** We’ve improved the tones previously available, and added several new ones. Great for pivoting your story in a new direction! Though we love all Write modes, we especially encourage you to try Guided. In our testing, writers preferred (as measured by likes, inserts, and copies) the text generated in Guided mode versus the original Auto mode.